10 Pictures That Prove Shraddha Kapoor Is As Cute As A Button

On Shraddha Kapoor’s birthday, take a look at 10 pictures that prove she is the cutest of them all!
1. When she was a tiny tot.

2. When she was with her parents.

Happy parents day mommy & baapu! You're the pillars of my life. Always want to make you proud! I love you

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3. When she used to visit her dad’s shooting sets.

One more #ooty during dads shooting #films #familytime #holiday #buckteeth and big smiles

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4. When she proved she is Daddy’s Girl.

He's back home today!!! ❤️

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5. When she dressed up as Black Swan for Halloween.

Halloween posers!!! @ankitachoksey

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6. When she took a selfie with the PM.

7. When she posed with Asha Bhosle


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8. When she took a selfie with her pet Shyla.

Weekend with Shyloh at home . #bestdog #bestpet #mumbai

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9. When she did this hand heart gesture at an event.

All you need is ❤️ #Arshia #Haider #2ndOct

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10. When she posed with her dance gang from her upcoming film ‘ABCD 2′

Gangsta squad! @remodsouza @varundvn @dharmesh0011 @sushi1983 @theraghav_juyal @genjutsu23 #ABCD2 ✌️

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American Film Students Are Made To Sit Down And Listen To The Abuses On Censor Boards List. We All Win!

America film students reacted to the proposed list of banned words by the Censor board of Film certification in India. Their reactions are hilarious… Watch it now!

Lord Shiva is first Muslim Prophet, says Mufti Muhammad Ilyas

Lord Shiva Ayodha
Mufti Muhammad Ilyas of Jamiat Ulema gave a shocking statement in Ayodhya that ” Lord Shiva is the first messenger of Muslims and we do not deny this fact.”UHF Muslim preacher said, “Our first Prophet of God Shiva ‘, is accepted and the truth is right”.

He further added that ” Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati are our parents “.
On RSS’ statement that all citizens of the country are Hindus and India is a Hindu nation , Mufti IIyas said ,” We are not against terming India as Hindu nation.”
Lord Shiva is the first messenger of Muslims  and  we  do not deny this fact.
Mufti Muhammad Ilyas said ,”As China is for Chinese and japan is for Japanese we are all Indians and children of same God ie Lord Shiva ”

Clerics of Jamiat Ulema has called a meeting on 27 february at Balampur on the lines of National Komi Ekta conference and for that they have invited Hindu saints

Jamiat Ulema staged a rally in the same town and also burnt the effigy of the terrorism to register their opposition . Clerics also advised that very everyone should follow the path Hindu religious books .
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Modi Behind Crude Oil Crash?

Modi Behind Crude Oil Crash
People of India who till now watched petrol prices reach peaks every two or three days are pleasantly surprised by the rate at which crude oil prices are crashing in the international arena. Will oil rich gulf nations and OPEC are struggling with his new unforeseen phenomenon, people are delighted at the turn of events.

Some feel that PM Modi is behind crude oil crash world wide. Some say PM.Modi’s initiative triggered crude oil prices tumble. Modi is now implementing look east policy making India a strong force to reckon with in South East Asian region. He is also balancing relations between Russia and USA.

PM Modi instead of depending on Iran and other Arab nations for oil imports decided to get oil from Russia as Arab nations starting charging exorbitantly and Russia even decided to receive Indian currency. PM Modi even signed a deal with Russian premier Vladmir Putin to procure oil worth USD 40 billion, over USD 10 billion ever year and it amounts to 61000 crs annually. Modi in return promised Putin that India would oppose sanctions against Russia.

Modi even played key role in creation of BRICS bank and China taking cue from Modi started importing oil from Russia. This reduced over dependence of world nations on Arab nations for oil. More countries looking to Russia for oil may bring down oil prices further by $30-$35.
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